A Reflection of Uniquely You

Our Bridal Designer Collections

"I feel like this is ingredient number 1 for insta-bride!"
Elysa Corin, November 2013
"They make dreams come true, one bride at a time."
Allison Mayer, July 2013
"It made my heart flutter!" (said in reference to how "the one" made her feel)
Natasha Wenberg, October 2013
"I feel so comfortable in this environment!" (said in reference to how she felt in our boutique)
Whitney McCormick, March 2012
"I don't want to look like I'm going to bed, I belong on a bed, or I belong on a cake."
Keri Guined, April 2012
"See the thing about this is, I love it."
Jen Schott, May 2012
"I'm wide-eyed and bushy tailed. I feel giddy! Like a girl playing dress up!"
Rachel King, May 2012
"The dress chooses you. You don't choose the dress."
Missy Orr, June 2012
"We visited other salons, tried on a lot of dresses, and found nothing. This experience was so personal, caring, and made to be special because of Laura and Amy. They made us feel like we were the only family having a wedding. And we found the perfect dress!"
Trish Meckley, mother of the bride (Amanda Meckley), June 2012
"I took my own breath away!"
Katie Spera, June 2012
Amazing experience with Nicole! She made my appointment easy, enjoyable, and fun. Thank you!
Jonnie Davis , February 2016
Everyone was so friendly and helpful. They really cared about what I wanted as a Bride. I had been looking for my wedding dress for 7 months and finally found it here. I can't wait until it arrives!
Kieoana Bynum, February 2016
It was a good experience with wonderful dresses. I didn't feel pressured or rushed. The attention giving to me and my family was great. The dresses were beautiful and very well made. I loved this bridal store and I would recommend it to any bride.
Charlene Hill, September 2015
I loved Maggi Bridal! It was the first place I went to and it was perfect. First, I had 6 people with me and they were very accommodating. I had no idea what I wanted so Samantha, the consultant, helped me pick out a few by walking with me through their dresses. Then once I figured out what I liked she picked out more until we found my favorite. They had great variety and Samantha knew her stuff!
Alison Newman, October 2015