How Many? How Much?

We are asked continually by brides how many months it actually takes for most dresses to be made and how much it will cost and I am here to answer those questions as best I can. We are always here for our brides!

How Many?

Most designers in the bridal industry will need 4-6 months for a custom order dress to be made, but they can take up to 9 months depending on the designer and the time of year. Bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dresses, and special occasion gowns usually take 3 months.

When preparing to order your dream dress, you should plan for at least 6 months, but we recommend to our brides that they order their bridal gown 8-10 months before the wedding or the wear date, which is the date you absolutely need it by (i.e. if you are leaving a week early for the wedding that would be the date we need to use when ordering). For bridesmaid, flower girl, etc. ordering 4-5 months before the wedding date is ideal and always recommended. Of course the sooner you order the better. In case of any hiccups it is always better to plan for more time versus less and will cause you less stress (we all know weddings can be stressful!).

How Much?

The cost of a dress is dependent on so much. It takes into account the quality of fabric used, how much fabric is used, if beading, embroidery, and other details are used, and even the silhouette of the dress can determine price. And of course the obvious, the designer of the gown will certainly determine the price. As we are accustomed to with high end designers in retail, you are paying not only for the garment, but also the brand name and this is also how it is in bridal.

Most brides don’t realize what they will be paying for till they begin trying on gowns. We recommend setting a loose budget before you start looking for your dream dress. How much can you allot for your dress? Will you have any wiggle room? Once you’ve set the budget you can look into what boutiques are within your preferred price range. Research which boutiques and shops have designers that don’t exceed what you feel comfortable spending on your wedding dress.