On the Search

So you are on the search for your dream dress, how exciting! You book several appointments with local bridal boutiques and hope that one of them will have your dream dress. When you walk into the boutique you may not know what you want, but I assure you that you will at least have a better idea by the time you leave.

It’s best to have an open mind because you may very well be surprised at what you end up liking, but also stay firm with what you really do love and what you strongly dislike.

So you look through the dresses and pick several that you like (it might be just one or it might be twelve!). I always recommend that brides choose at least 3 and I usually deter brides trying on more than 10. It can become very overwhelming trying on that many dresses in one boutique! You finally begin trying on dresses hoping one of them will be the one. If you really pay attention to the feeling you are getting in each dress and the reaction you have when you see yourself in the mirror, then you should start to see which dresses will work for you and which won’t. You may have a difficult time deciphering that so it is important to have a consultant who is there to help you every step of the way.