So You Found the Dress

You may know this already or you may not, but it typically takes 10-12 weeks to receive a custom order dress once the order has been placed. It can take longer or it can even take less. It all depends on the designer and on the dress. Some designers carry dresses in stock while others only make dresses when they are custom ordered. And some dresses are being made rapidly because they are best sellers while others take longer to make due to the complexity of the design. It truly depends, but standard is three months for ordering time on a bridal gown.

We tell our brides 3-4 months for ordering because I would hate for a dress to be late and the bride to be stressed wondering when it will be done. We always recommend that our brides order their dress at least four months before their wedding just in case, for whatever reason, it is late in getting to us and also because it is best to have your alterations done a month before the wedding. You don’t want anymore stress than you already have so we try to alleviate that by ordering enough in advance and by making sure the dress looks absolutely perfect weeks before your wedding!

Even though we only need 3-4 months for ordering most brides order their dress 6-8 months before their wedding so they have time to breath knowing that they have their dream dress. Everything seems to fall in place after a bride finds the dress and it’s much easier to decide on the other elements of the wedding when you know what you will be wearing. You are the star of the show, it’s your day, so why not have all the details revolve around you?!