When You Know, You Know

What it comes down to is when you find the dress, you found the one, so make it yours! Even though it usually only takes 3-4 months to get the dress in that doesn’t mean you can’t order the dress well before that time. If you know, you just know. You will get this feeling that you can’t explain and you might not even be able to say exactly why you feel it is your dress, but you simply know that the dress is it, it’s the one! If you don’t feel pressured in any way, from anyone (mother, sister, grandmother, bridesmaid, or bridal consultant), then why not say yes to the dress right then and there? You have to know yourself, know that is truly what you want without a doubt, and know that you feel like a beautiful bride. So be confident that it is the one and say yes to the dress!

I have found that every time I see that look on a bride’s face, that glow when she sees herself as a bride for the first time because she’s in her dream dress, it is her dream dress. If they don’t end up ordering their dress that day they always call back later to make it theirs. I know when I’ve helped find a bride’s dream dress and I wouldn’t ever try to sell any bride a dress I didn’t think was the one. We have our ways of knowing if it is the one simply by paying attention to how the bride lights up and how she moves (there’s something called the “Swish Test” and if you are curious you can ask me about it).

Once I know it is in fact her dress I ask her if she thinks it truly is and if she says yes, then we have found it! In that moment, I love my job more than any other because I love helping brides find their dream dress.