Your Very Own “Fairy Godmother”

Still unsure what you are looking for in your dream dress? It is incredibly helpful when brides show up to their appointment armed with ideas. The best way to do that is to spend a bit of time looking through bridal magazines and online at designer’s websites to see what you are drawn to. Go through plenty of pictures and any you like tear out or print off. You may not be able to say exactly why you love the dress, which is just fine because eventually you will see a pattern. It’s not only helpful for you to do this, it’s also helpful for us as bridal consultants. We will be able to look at what you love and better form a picture of what your dream dress may be. Put all those pictures together in your bridal folder and you’ve done your “research.” Your dream dress is out there waiting for you and now you have an idea of where to find it… at MAGGI BRIDAL!

Click here to view a clip of Cinderella “finding” her dream dress!