MAGGI BRIDAL has been in existence for well over a decade, but in recent years has gone through a change bringing a new life to the bridal boutique. While MAGGI BRIDAL has stayed true to its heart of above all wanting to help women feel beautiful as they in the moment they become a bride, the company overall has undergone a re-branding and therefore the boutique itself has had a bit of a makeover. Some may say much more than a bit!

The boutique prides itself on having outstanding customer service to provide each bride with the experience she’s always dreamed of as well as offering her the dress she’s always dreamed of. Each bride deserves to be treated not only as a special bride, but most importantly deserves to be treated with respect. Whatever the brides color of skin, religion, sexuality, or body shape, all women are inherently and undeniably beautiful. We at MAGGI BRIDAL strive to help make every woman feel just as that.

The new ambiance of the bridal boutique is light and airy with both modern and vintage décor pieces. There is an openness along with the dreamy accents that we hope our brides will notice. The boutique may be expansive in size, yet it still maintains an intimate feel for those brides who want to be the center of attention, as every bride should be. The boutique is meant to provide an inviting atmosphere with a warm aesthetic in hopes to provide comfort for the bride.

Since the year 2013 MAGGI BRIDAL has been honored to receive The Knot’s “Best of Weddings Award” and at the end of 2017 we received The Knot’s Hall of Fame award for being a part of the “Best of Weddings” for five years. These, and many other awards, would never have been possible without the help of all our devoted brides who shared their experience and praise with future Maggi Bridal brides. We thank you for your continued love and support!

Watch the videos below to learn more about The Maggi Bridal Experience!







*Photo above is of Raleigh’s Jenna Cooper in our most beloved Paloma Blanca Gown*