The Dream

Story of How the Dream Came to Be…


The owner, Amy Kiszely, was sitting on the living room floor of her family’s home watching what would become one of her favorite films. She did not yet know the strong impact it would have  on her eleven year old spirit. The film was The Parent Trap, the one with Lindsay Lohan, and when it ended she turned to her supportive parents and said, “I want to design unique wedding dresses!” Her parents thankfully gave her the confidence to try to make her dream come true when they said she could do anything she believed in and worked hard to achieve. That is exactly what she did throughout her teen years and after graduating college with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Design she realized her dream would be coming true much sooner than she had imagined.

In 2010 Amy, and her then business partner Laura Stanley, began dreaming up this boutique and made it a reality at the very start of 2011 with the help of Amy’s parents. They worked tirelessly to learn all they could and provide their brides with what they deserved, to be treated as beautiful brides. At the heart of everything they did was The Golden Rule- treat others as you would like to be treated- and that way of being still persists today, nearly a decade later. Over the years many changes have happened, most wonderful and for the better. At the beginning of 2016 Amy moved to Asheville and began a sister bridal boutique in the historic West Asheville district and then at the end of 2016 Laura left MAGGI BRIDAL to pursue her own designs and focus on her new marriage.

In the years following, Amy continued to live the dream and went back and forth from Asheville to Raleigh to give time and care to both her boutiques, which had become her children in many senses, and both meant so much to her in different ways, both her favorite! Today both boutiques continue to grow and reshape their focus in the ever-changing bridal industry. Amy, along with all of her hand-selected ladies who are now a part of her family, are looking forward to the coming changes as they continue to dream up new dreams. MAGGI BRIDAL has always been and continues to be a family owned and operated business and at the heart of it is a passion to help women feel beautiful as brides on their dream day.